Having represented municipal governments for 35 years, the attorneys of Davidson, Davidson, Umbach & Forbus understand that clients require a keen awareness of the implications of governmental decisions as well as the manner in which decisions are made. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide daily advice concerning the diverse issues facing local government officials and assist in the decision-making process. We provide advice, counsel and support to keep our clients informed of the frequently changing legal standards and responsibilities applicable to public and related entities. Likewise, we train and counsel with the individuals who serve on governmental or quasi-government boards or commissions concerning their duties and individual circumstances that arise as a result of their service.

Areas of Practice:
  • Employment law
  • Due Process and Equal Protection Claims
  • Ordinance drafting and interpretation
  • Resolution drafting and interpretation
  • Public bid law
  • Zoning laws and enforcement
  • Contracts
  • Commercial and Economic Development
  • Open Meetings Laws
  • Public Records Laws
  • Law Enforcement
  • Utilities